Split ends

Did you guys love this trend? I do, so much that I'm crazy about it, not recently, but for years now!
But I couldn't see this trend as a trend, couse' I saw it only few times, in few outfits, so I kinda ignored it for years, though I was really impressed by it every single time I saw it, so, my question is why we ignore such a beautiful things and trends sometimes, and we rather wear something that we often spot on each other's outfit, I suppose that's just a question of commercialization, or how often we spot the trend, or how  present is that trend in our daily lives. So the split ends pants is the trend we still don't consider as a trend, but we will, soon I hope. Celebrities that wear that trend: I spotted very often  Mary Kate and Ashley, for years wear that trend. So if even the most loved fashionistas wear it, can we give a chance to this trend ?!

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