Next season Gossip Girl drama- Can the new girl replace Serena's fame?


Gossip Girl new season isn't already on screen but we have some piquant information to deal with!
Apparently according to Gossip the new and final season of Gossip Girl will be super-exciting! There will be the new girl in Manhattan's elite - Zoe Aggeliki will be joining the cast, the sister of Serena's new love and insiders tell us that she will be Serena's biggest enemy!

Zoe Aggeliki is a French beauty and model, in the final season she will play Natasha, the sister of Serena's new boy!

Azealia Banks raps for T by Alexander Wang

Seems like Alex Wang can get enought of the famous rapper- girl Azealia Banks!
After escorting her to the Met Ball this year and featuring her track "212" on his s/s 2012 campaign,  Wang decided to team up with her for the new video for  his T by Alexander Wang line.
The rap star features her "VAN VOGUE" song dancing in crop tops and body-con dresses from the designer's A/W 2012-2013 collection.
The video was shot by Dan Jackson.

See the video below:

Miley get inked again!

Miley Cyrus gets a new tattoo, she already has 16 tattoos, but that number doasn't stop her to do more!

Recently she got inked president's Theodore Roosevelt speech from 1910 he made at Sorbonne, Paris, France. That reads:
“So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” 

Scroll down to see all of her tattoos!

 In February 2011 Miley had a dreamcatcher tattooed on her right side and this is her largest tattoo!

 ANCHOR- Miley got these tattoo on her wrist while in Brazil on her tour in May 2011
 JUST BREATHE - her first tattoo with the words just breathe on her left rib cage that she made while she was 17, on December 2009
 LOVE - Miley's second tattoo the word love on the inside of her right ear, the tattoo was first spotted by the press in May 2010
 HEART-  the first of her five tattoos on her right hand a small outline of a hart. She get this tattoo in September 2010
 LOVE NEVER DIES - in February 2012 she get this words on the inside of her left arm, on her bicep.
ROMAN NUMERAL-  on  the inside of her left elbow she did in May 2012, the numbers are "VIIXCI"

 BAD-  first spotted on her in May 2012, the word "BAD" written on her finger in red ink
 EVIL EYE- in March 2012. The evil eye is most prevalent in the middle east, she also had "karma" and "om" tattoos which represent concepts of Hinduism and other Indian religions.
OM SYMBOL-  In August 2011she got the om symbol tattooed on her wrist and this is her second tattoo which refers to Indian culture. Om is a sound or vibration that represents divine energy.

Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan and Lana Del Rey partying together

Apparently the trio Lohan- Gaga - Del Ray really are now best friends.
The fantastic trio wanted to throw a party just like in high school. They booked a room at Chateau Marmont hotel and then spent the night playing board games, dressing up and modeling outfits.We didn't  hired people to spy them so we really don't know if is truth, but come on,
How could you possibly imagine that life's  like this  when you're young, famous and rich to dead.

Earlier on that day GAGA and Lilo shared few interesting messages on TWITTER, Lilo twitted #skinnysnack1 which  as  says is a code for #cocaine1
Maybe then the board games, dressing up and all this stuff are all they're codes for something only they know!

This is next: Checkered!!!

From runway to the street-style captures by Tommy Ton to the IT girls: Checkered prints are HOT no metter if is a slightly tied-up shirt, skinny pant or the pajama looking pant with a loose-fit!
Do the escape to "normal " pants and dare to try this print on yourself It looks best  with minimal colors and fits

This week's best dressed!

 Olivia Palermo in intimissimi for Intimissimi 2013 fashion show in Verona, Italy
Poppy Delvigne attended a private cocktail party celebrating the launch of Karl Lagerfeld's collection in London
Gwen Stefani attended the 2012 Teen Choice awards 
Olivia Palermo in Verona, Italy for the intimissimi fashion show


Adidas originals x Opening Ceremony

To celebrate the 2012 Olympic games the new york based department store teamed up with the iconic sportswear brand Adidas Originals to create a premium capsule collection inspired by the brand's iconic sports silhouette.

The collection  as mentioned by is completely Olympic- inspired. Borrowing elements from swim and cycling they build an sporty yet opening ceremony- recognizable collection.
The collection is made of reversible ponchos, blazers, swimwears and hi-tops with a hidden wedge.


Currently: modern minimal

Go for a super modern-minimal, with black asymmetrical skirt, the perfect pointy toes, a transparent pvc clutch, a cut-out bralette, the layer some three toned sweater and an perfect id bracalet that suits with your i-phone case!

Barbara Bui boots/ Tiffany ID bracelet / Alexander Wang bra / Dsquared2 skirt / Joseph sweater / Minausey plastic bag

HOTTEST LOOKS FOR LESS MONEY: frill skirt and a maxi wild animal tee

Channel the look: Kim Kardashian's minimal white look for less

Kim in an all white ansamble outfit that looks  so Glam, clean, crisp and fresh. Channel her look for less money and look glam just like she looks.

The ellegant version:

Put up some sneakers and go for a sporty glam way:

Inspired by RELIGION!

Vogue Italia October 1991, photo by Patrick Demarchelier, Gianni Versace jacket and dress
Vogue Italia April 1993, ph. by Alfa Castalldi, Vivianne Westwood top
Rivers Island organza peplum mini skirt
Vogue Italia September 1991, ph. by Patrick Demarchelier, Gianni Versace dress

The world of fashion is always in need of new inspiration, these time it comes the time for the magical religion motifs! Few past collections we already saw has had Religious motifs, from McQueen to this season's Dolce&Gabanna f/w collection!

In the past Vogue Italia also covered a lot of  Religiously inspired editorials with Gianni Versace clothes who was all time inspired by the luxurious prints, gold and angelical and religious motifs.

The spicy Covered heels

We'll see more and more covered heels this FALL! but here we go about the beginning of covered heels!
It first start with Balmain,  2008 FALL collection they launch the magical boots! They're heels were almost covered to the end with a cuff designed to fit large at ankle with edgy metal details, from then till today the boots and heels starts to change drastically with the design, look more androgynous, since the heel use to be shown, as a typical women's accessories and now it's all about the heels hidden!

After Balmain here's another fashion master: Isabel Marant which takes the steps of Balmain and in her collection  adds the boots with a wedge heel camouflaged and incorporated into them.

Nicholas Kirkwood made them with a removable cuff for last season
and the last ones but sure not the least, for the season to come the besties are the ones from Givenchy, all covered up, minimal, knee high, a true gem!


from left to right: Emilio Pucci, Rivers Island clutch, dress and jacket, Sara Designs watch, Versace jacket, Dolce&Gabanna ff2012

FALL - WINTER 2012? IT SCREAMS BA BA BAROQUE, chic embellishments, black in
addition of some luxurious gold and embroidements!

Nasty Gal July Lookbook

Photographer: Paul Trapani
Model: Anja Denk 
Stylist: Ashley Glorioso


From day to night CROP TOPS add that particulary cool thing to an outfit, nonchalant glam!

Like spotted on Miley crop tops look perfect even for a red carpet look or like Selena Gomez wore it with just a pair of skinny jeans,  perfect for the day!

Channel the look with a white lace top like Selena's from Dorothy Perkins or Miley's crop top in black lace from Madewell

Miley is a big fan of crop tops she wears it with a high waist, the duo: crop top and high waist really works out well!!