The spicy Covered heels

We'll see more and more covered heels this FALL! but here we go about the beginning of covered heels!
It first start with Balmain,  2008 FALL collection they launch the magical boots! They're heels were almost covered to the end with a cuff designed to fit large at ankle with edgy metal details, from then till today the boots and heels starts to change drastically with the design, look more androgynous, since the heel use to be shown, as a typical women's accessories and now it's all about the heels hidden!

After Balmain here's another fashion master: Isabel Marant which takes the steps of Balmain and in her collection  adds the boots with a wedge heel camouflaged and incorporated into them.

Nicholas Kirkwood made them with a removable cuff for last season
and the last ones but sure not the least, for the season to come the besties are the ones from Givenchy, all covered up, minimal, knee high, a true gem!

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