Bell bottom

Even there's too many skinny jeans and we're  rarely seeing  bell bottom's, wide leg, flare pants, bell bottom pants have something that skinny jeans don't, they make us look longer, taller and even thinner, and they have an chic attitude! so, I'm going to say I'm a bell bottom girl, for ever !!

On the first photo:  Ella Moss(first two pics)  Rachel Zoe, Current Elliot leather pants, Current elliot, Current elliiot jeans

Second photo: all Balmain pre-spring2012 


An poisoned combination! the red nails have this chic attitude look while the metal- silver accesories a hard rocking look, so why not mix it together? even for the upcoming festivities like for a  Chrismas dinner! Try the winning rocking' chic!

Tie- Dye

Did you notice there's a lot tie-dye in Marant's latest collection? she proposes the tie-dye pants for the upcoming s/s 2012. and we said hell, yes, to this trend! And when Isabel propose something, this instantly become a trend! Take per example the navajo inspired looks that we seen everywhere for this fall/winter, who  invented it first? Marant, again! so, we'll see a lot of TIE-DYE in a variate of colors, becouse it fits to all kind of colors.
Isabel Marant-ss2012

Bloggers carrying this trend:

Elin Kling, style by kling

Honeycomb sweater

After  all kind of knits here's something new: a lighter version, that we could wear even during summer nights and spring. I'm very into this new trend, how you like it?  could the honeycomb sweater replace the chunky and cozy knits ? No, maybe each of them have a different role!

Bloggers carrying this trend:

Elin Kling, style by Kling

Evangelie, Styleheroin

Side panel pants

 1.nowhere dike trousers found on  2.color block slim white pants/  3.l'agence cotton track pant/  4.deborah pants nelly trend/ 
5-6.two- tone stretch wool pants Narciso Rodriguez from

Blogers that wear that trend

Elin Kling, style by kling in Altewai Saome

Split ends

Did you guys love this trend? I do, so much that I'm crazy about it, not recently, but for years now!
But I couldn't see this trend as a trend, couse' I saw it only few times, in few outfits, so I kinda ignored it for years, though I was really impressed by it every single time I saw it, so, my question is why we ignore such a beautiful things and trends sometimes, and we rather wear something that we often spot on each other's outfit, I suppose that's just a question of commercialization, or how often we spot the trend, or how  present is that trend in our daily lives. So the split ends pants is the trend we still don't consider as a trend, but we will, soon I hope. Celebrities that wear that trend: I spotted very often  Mary Kate and Ashley, for years wear that trend. So if even the most loved fashionistas wear it, can we give a chance to this trend ?!

Just a small dose of color

A small dose of bright color peeking underneath an all black ensamble. Two similar pieces designed by master Wang, who's work goes great, one time again. These two beauties are from the next  spring/summer12 collection, one more thing to focus about is the knitted details peeking from few different materials incorporated both in shoes and sweater. The most amazing thing about pieces that Wang designs is that he don't mess with a lot of colors, he maintain the simplicity with  basic colors instead, what he mixes a lot is the pattern, materials shapes and cuts. Adding few colorful lines he keep things interesting.

Rocking Elin

There's something about that girl that make us all fashionistas look at her, her blog and want hear more from her, she's stylish, awesome looking and special I would say, that's her magic formula! And of course, she always pull off the latest trends and lead the trends, in fact, there's too many things I saw  first  her wearing and then after the whole fashion blogger world! the latest awesome look from her is an rocking leather dress she pull off these spring! But get ready, there will be more about her and her awesome looks since these is the best fashion spot and so is her,  THE BEST leading trend girl!

Elin Kling, style by kling, New York, wearing leather dress from acne

The skinny box buckle belt

Chic glamorous and polished I would say if someone ask me to describe it in few words.
But the interesting thing about the skinny belt is how versatile it is, while changing the color or the pattern the belt gets a whole another role, so if you add per example  few metals on the skinny belt he can rock your outfit, the snake pattern meanwhile can add a little drama look to your outfit, even is too small you could think that nothing changes adding it to your outfit though, interesting how so skinny and little details can change the look!

baseball cap trend

A sporty detail, once used  like a sport wear only,  today  mixed with all kind of styles and  clothes! So, the mix between sport wear and for example high heels, gives a cool attitude that nobody can resist to give a try! so, why don't try that trend, mix it with jeans, a nice pair of boots and well, the cool attitude will be at it's maximum!! See below how the best bloggers carry that trend!

Versace for h&m man cap/ polo Ralph Lauren- signature pony hat/ Lacoste- royal big logo cap/  Miu Miu two-tone rabbit-felt cap/ Nike- black heritage 'swoosh' cap

Sandra, 5inch and up

Annemiek, mode d' amour

Elin Kling, style by kling


After almost a year of writing, taking photos, editing and posting things on my personal blog, I wanted to concentrate on something  that satisfy me the most,  focusing and discovering new and upcoming  trends, news in style and design, new style icons and  much more.  So,  THE TREND WHISPER   will be a non- stop fashion spot,  there's a place ONLY for the best styles and biggest trends, yes I said ONLY! nothing less than THE BEST!

I will enjoy while doing it,  hope you will too!!