Kate Moss x Elle France

Kate Moss in gorgeous Balmain, Herve Leger, Valentino, Zadig & Voltaire best fall pieces 

model: KATE MOSS
photographed by: SONIA SIEFF

TTW whispering trends: Leather drop crotch & Sweat pants!

RACHEL ZOE- aviable on shopbop.com / Celine- aviable on yoox.com / ACNE- aviable on mytheresa.com / EN NOIR- aviable on viveEnNoir.com / BARBARA I GONGINI- aviable on orimono.eu / GIVENCHY- aviable on luisaviaroma.com 


After variation and variation of LEATHER in all it's CHARM- POWER-DRAMATIC AESTETIC designers took advantage of THE LOOSE FIT and propose something totally different for PRE-FALL,  FALL and even SPRING. therefore we saw RAPPERS and MODELS ONLY in it.
MR. WEST as a real TREND pioneer introduce "the hood" with the s... and instantly dress his Ms.West in it. It wasn't take a long for her to post a photo wearing the real s... on twitter, and the trend expanded really fast.

Look of the day: Barbara Martelo's playful boho chicness

Besides branded and high-priced pieces which normally have an excellent quality, you can channel the look with cheaper clothes wich looks equally attractive, for example you can find a variation of NAVAJO vests and JACKETS on ETSY you just have to browse what differents sellers and stores  offers and you'll find the right one for you

TTW TIPS- The importance of: Just a cool top!

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HOT SPOT: Givenchy fold over and covered wedge boot

WHO'S WEARING Givenchy Fold over wedge boots?

Kim Kardashian went for a typical GIVENCHY look, with they're plated leather skirt and fold-over boots.

Sky Ferreira looking like she went out right from Givenchy runway, the same look Tisci make for they're runway show!
Taraji P. Henson- The boots aren't  in Taraji's typical style, but we all make style changes, so it's a good way to start follow some TRENDS and make some change in your style sometimes. 

Balmain Beckstage images F/W 2012

Final clearance needs fast decisions


Saving and too much thinking "should I get this or not?"  Will I wear this? is this something that I really need?
 All of this questions are few of our biggest enemies when it comes to final clearance. the final season of SALES! THIS question should rest for normal shopping, you should shop wisely through the year,  get focus on PIECES that are REALLY ON your style, BASICS and FEW PIECES that FITS TO YOUR BODY!

THE FINAL SALE- through the year shop essentials, wisely, focus on basics, your shape and fit. When it comes to trends, they don't last forever, if you really want a pair of trend shoes or a clothing pieces you should FOLLOW them on sale and catch them RIGHT ON TIME, Net a porter, MY theresa, luisaviaroma and other offer this important OPTION! You can FOLLOW YOUR WANTED PIECE on sale, but be careful the items in final sale really sells quickly so the "follow this item" option is ONE THING that can HELP YOU,  many sellers offer as well the option that says exactly how many pieces are ON STOCK that's another very helpful thing!
So,  the final sale is the right time to CATCH the item of your dream, the time that you can get a specific piece, try prints and different shapes and DESIGNER ITEMS that you NORMALLY can't AFFORD!
I selected few QUALITY SHOPPING PIECES for you:
 BALMAIN-  a luxury brand that costs at least THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, and the brand's price never FALLS, you can't go wrong with it!

HERVE LEGER- as well a designer which prices go from $1000 for a mini skirt to enormous sums, it's a perfect FINAL CLEARANCE PIECE that last FOREVER! 

EVERYDAY BAGS- from Alexander Wang to other designers BAGS will always be a MUST PIECE for a final SALE especially because BAGS are not often ON SALE , so If you happen to cross over a DISCOUNTED BAG grab it instantly!

Zara a/w 2012-2013 is a stylish fiesta!

Zara just released a slice of they're new autumn-winter 2012-2013 collection through beautiful videos for each of they're department: ZARA woman, trf and men!

Each of the video has an impeccable touch of style and it really makes you feel what was in they're mind for each department, mixing great styling with music. Zara Men is for a modern James Dean that is part businessman part rebel, TRF has dressed up Cara Delvigne into a young teenager and Freja Beha Erichsen took a leading role for Zara WOMAN acting like a chic Parisian!

Scroll down to see they're videos! Dont miss it!

 Zara MEN is for a strong men who is a businessmen and a modern James Dean at the same time.

 ZARA TRF featuring Cara Delvigne is for a sweet teenager that is chic and rebel
 An ultimate Parisian glamour, Zara Women has dressed up Freja Beha Erichsen as a chic French babe acting and dancing on sweet beats!

Zara KIDS  has a sweet world of fashion for the youngest!

upcoming trends: COMICS ARE BACK!

Get inspired by your own superhero and look like a Style- hero!

Comics are back, fashionable than ever, from Balenciga, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Sonia Rykiel to Street Style brands like urban outfitters and minusey. Superheros and comic prints are revelling they're hidden  fashion powers ready to coolerize you! Wear it along with basic pieces, sexy skirts and heels like our pall Elin does or a super-futuristic almost galactic version of comic prints like Balenciaga sees the trend!