Zara a/w 2012-2013 is a stylish fiesta!

Zara just released a slice of they're new autumn-winter 2012-2013 collection through beautiful videos for each of they're department: ZARA woman, trf and men!

Each of the video has an impeccable touch of style and it really makes you feel what was in they're mind for each department, mixing great styling with music. Zara Men is for a modern James Dean that is part businessman part rebel, TRF has dressed up Cara Delvigne into a young teenager and Freja Beha Erichsen took a leading role for Zara WOMAN acting like a chic Parisian!

Scroll down to see they're videos! Dont miss it!

 Zara MEN is for a strong men who is a businessmen and a modern James Dean at the same time.

 ZARA TRF featuring Cara Delvigne is for a sweet teenager that is chic and rebel
 An ultimate Parisian glamour, Zara Women has dressed up Freja Beha Erichsen as a chic French babe acting and dancing on sweet beats!

Zara KIDS  has a sweet world of fashion for the youngest!

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