Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan and Lana Del Rey partying together

Apparently the trio Lohan- Gaga - Del Ray really are now best friends.
The fantastic trio wanted to throw a party just like in high school. They booked a room at Chateau Marmont hotel and then spent the night playing board games, dressing up and modeling outfits.We didn't  hired people to spy them so we really don't know if is truth, but come on,
How could you possibly imagine that life's  like this  when you're young, famous and rich to dead.

Earlier on that day GAGA and Lilo shared few interesting messages on TWITTER, Lilo twitted #skinnysnack1 which  as  says is a code for #cocaine1
Maybe then the board games, dressing up and all this stuff are all they're codes for something only they know!

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